Can we talk … about your brand?

Branding is such a hot topic! More people are starting businesses than ever before. There are experts out there selling everything – from avocadoes to accounting, mambo to mustaches, and vacations to videos. You may be an expert in whatever you do. But if you’re not an expert in branding… don’t fake it. Your business might not make it.

As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats. Put on your Brand Manager hat and listen up. There is a lot to learn about building a strong brand for your business. I’ve been living and breathing brands for over 25 years. I speak professionally on the topic of branding and creative leadership. Check out the list of past and future speaking engagements below.


For audiences of all sizes – business owners, brand managers, conferences, associations and networking groups.

Bigger Better Branding Bootcamp

Branding is like dating. We’re all looking for ‘The One’. The right one! The one type of client that is ideal for our business. Your potential customers are more savvy and selective than ever before. If all things were equal why would they choose you over the competition? You need to increase your brand’s value proposition. Your brand value must meet their needs on many different levels. After all, you wouldn’t date someone that doesn’t meet you needs. Would you?

This talk helps to create a more meaningful connection between you, your prospects, and existing clients. We look at the 5 levels of values that define your brand and your value proposition. Then investigate how these values can come to life to bring energy and vitality to your business.

Talks – Past, Present and Future

ACRE and EDU ACRE – October 2016

South Africa: Back by popular demand! Yes, South African business will once again get my Bigger Better Branding Bootcamp at the ACRE22 conference in Bela Bela, outside of Johannesburg. AND Discover Your Innate Intelligence, will engage educators in an extended 3-hour workshop at the EduACRE conference. So excited to be going back again this year!

BRANDS ABROAD – Global Brand and Marketing Series

THE WORLD: I’m embarking on a global brand exploration over the next year. In each location listed below, there will be talks and workshops on a variety of topics related to strategic brand and marketing for innovative leaders of small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups . To schedule a talk for your organization, associations or networking group, just contact me by email. I’m looking forward to visiting each city and sharing your brands with the world.

August 2016 – Lisbon, Portugal
September 2016 – Rabat, Morocco
October 1-15 2016 – Johannesburg, South Africa ACRE/EduACRE
October 16-30 2016 – Sofia, Bulgaria
November 2016 – Split, Croatia
December 2016 – Prague, Czech Republic
January 2017 – Valencia, Spain
February 2017 – Mexico City, Mexico
March 2017 – Bogotá, Colombia
April 2017 – Medellín, Colombia
May 2017 – Lima, Peru
June 2017 – Córdoba, Argentina
July 2017 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

CAPS Ottawa – April 2016

Ottawa: The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers hosted a panel on the value of masterminds. Myself and three of my previous mastermind members shared the good, the bad and the ugly about masterminds. How to start a group, maintain a group and ultimately how to let go when it’s run its course. This topic led to some lively discussion and maybe a few new masterminds!

Aboriginal Tourism Ontario – April 2016

Sault Ste Marie: Thrilled to be invited to speak at this incredible conference that brings the leaders of the tourism industry together for education, inspiration and networking. I customized two talks specifically for this audience. The first opened the conference with a powerful session to help delegates connect. I created a new tool called ‘Networking for Introverts’, so that everyone could connect over the 3-day conference. Closed with the value of partnerships and strategic alliances, and lots of actionable items to keep the conversation going using social media.

ACRE and EDU ACRE – October 2015

South Africa: It was an honour to bring the businesses of South Africa my Bigger Better Branding Bootcamp. There were so many amazing people there. What was even better is that I also spoke at the educators conference EduACRE. Where I shared my talk on Discovering the Innate Intelligence in every child. So excited to be invited back again next year! I love South Africa!

The Strategic Circle – August 2015

Toronto: It was the hottest day of the year and the second story room had no air conditioning. But I had a great time sharing the CPS (creative problem solving process) with a bunch of very special business women. They learned how to find the right problem to solve and generate more and better ideas. Then we looked at how to develop ideals so they are strong and overcome challenges that might get in the way. A great workshop… even if we did melt off a few pounds in the process.

Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) – June 2015

Buffalo: Fourth year! The Bigger Better Branding Boot Camp is a popular session at the longest running creativity conference on earth. Come to CPSI to learn how to be more creative and meet some amazing people. It’s open to everyone. You’ll want to keep coming back every year, too!

Creativity in Business – October 2014

Abu Dhabi: The Bigger Better Branding Boot Camp goes to the United Arab Emirates. First time my talk had been translated into Arabic. The audience loved the content and I even got invited to Saudi Arabia to work with the Saudi Investment Bank. A fascinating experience! Brand strategy is the same all over the world.

Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) – June 2014

Buffalo: Third year! The Bigger Better Branding Boot Camp is a popular session at the longest running creativity conference on earth. Come to CPSI to learn how to be more creative and meet some amazing people. It’s open to everyone. You’ll want to keep coming back every year, too!

We Move Forward – March 5-8th, 2015

Isle Mujeres, Mexico – I spoke at this International Women’s Day Conference called ‘We Move Forward‘. This annual event celebrates the power of women in creating positive change. I was honoured to share my branding process with these awesome women so they could better understand their personal brands and offer their unique gifts to the world.

National Franchise Show – January 2015

Toronto – This talk was all about buying into brand equity. As franchisors, you need to know the real value of your brand equity beyond the numbers. Brands have 5 levels of value that have to meet the needs of the franchisee prospects, their customers and employees, too.

Creative Thinkers CITA Conference – October 2014

Abu Dhabi – I headed to the United Arab Emirates to speak to a new audience complete with an Arabic interpreter. What a wonderful experience to share my branding insights with folks from all over the Gulf Region. Then I got invited to look at one of Saudi Arabia bank brands. What an adventure!

Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) – June 2014

Buffalo: Back by popular demand! After the massive success of the Bigger Better Branding Boot Camp in June 2013, I’ve been invited back for the 60th anniversary of the longest running creativity conference on earth. It’s open to everyone. So come check out CPSI, you may be back again next year!

Qualitative Research Consultants Association – May 2014

Philadelphia, PA: I’m delivering the Bigger Better Branding Boot Camp live and virtually at the same time. It’s magic and, see, I’ve got nothing up my sleeve. I’m so excited to share the five levels of value proposition with these folks. They get this stuff and can use it in their business and with their clients. Spreading the love.

Women in Biz Network – April 2014

Toronto: I’ll see you at my Brand Expert Roundtable session at the Passion to Profit Conference on Monday, April 28th at the Hyatt Downtown. It’s a daylong event with tons of great speakers and lots of smart, savvy business women. Get answers to all your questions about the creative side of branding and marketing your business with more meaning.

Small Business Networking Cruise – October 2013

Caribbean: We had so much fun last year, we’re doing it again. This year, I’ll make it even more engaging with some powerful creative problem solving tools that these smart business owners can use to tackle even the more challenging business issues. You are welcome to come along! Check it out.

eWomen Network Calgary– September 2013

Calgary: I’m bringing brand clarity to the west for an exclusive and interactive mastermind session. I’ll also be speaking to the smart business owners at the eWomen Network evening event.

ProTrack Speakers Academy – May/August 2013

Toronto: ProTrack is a year-long boot camp for emerging speakers run by volunteers from the Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. It’s a fabulous opportunity for emerging speakers to learn the business and the art of professional speaking. As faculty, I help the participants understand how to brand their business so that their expertise puts them in front of the right audiences.

CRAVE – August 2013

Oakville: The evening is all about building a better brand for your business. It’s a live interactive event that delivers great insight that service entrepreneurs at any stage of their business.

CRAVE – August 2013

Toronto: You know what they say, “Fail to Plan, plan to fail.” But these smart, savvy business owners know better. This evening is dedicated to Brand Planning. Sounds boring? Trust me, I make this important topic fun!

eWomen Network – August 2013

Dallas: The GET REAL Branding Book prelaunch will be held at the annual eWomen Network conference this year. It’s very exciting and I am honoured to be part of this dynamic group of women.

eWomen Network – July 2013

London: I’m bring branding insights to the ladies of London at their monthly chapter meeting.

Creative Problem Solving Institute – June 2013

Buffalo: Building a Bigger, Better Brand Boot Camp. An fun, interactive session that explores the many ways that these creative professionals can inspire their clients’ brand experience.

Positive Fabulous Women – April 2013

Toronto: At this evening networking event, I’ll be leading these positively fabulous women through a creative branding networking activity.

Women in Biz Network Conference – April 2013

Toronto: I’m so excited to share the main stage with Danielle LaPorte and Jessica Holmes. I’ll be talking about Waking up your Brand and sharing my personal journey of bringing my brand to life.

Company of Women – April 2013

Toronto: This intimate and interactive session introduces these new business owners to the concept of branding and marketing their businesses. I love supporting women at the beginning stages of building their businesses.

Women in Biz Network – November 2012

Oakville: This event took place at the beautiful Clarity Centre for the WIBN women. I delivered my Three Steps to Finding ‘The One’ workshop and showed this group how they could take it one step further.

Small Business Networking Cruise – November 2012

Caribbean: Branding on the high seas! This group of small business owners were cruising for 5 days of full fun and relaxation while learning some increase their sails, I mean sales. Check out the next cruise.

ICSA thinks differently about Innovation – May 2012

Toronto: The International Customer Service Association conference in Toronto learned how to create the structure for an innovative culture. I shared my organizational model that can influence sustainable change.

Women Presidents – Vision For The Future – August 2011

Toronto: I led these incredibly successful presidents through a morning workshop on innovation leadership. They engaged in some advanced creative thinking tools and learned about branding solutions at their best.

Laurier MBAs Unleash Their Creative Genius – May 2011

Waterloo: I led this group of brilliant MBA minds through the INNOV8 creative problem solving process. They  also identified their creative thinking style preference with the Foursight assessment tool.

Branding for Learning Consultants – August 2010

Montreal: As a guest speaker in the Learning Technologies Program at Concordia University, I guided these learned experts through the branding process as they prepare to launch their own businesses.

Speaking to Professional Speakers – December 2010

Montreal: The 2010 National CAPS Unconventional Convention was where the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers delegation experienced my unconventional authentic branding session.