Plant the Right Brand Seed

GrowthIt’s fascinating how the seasons are a wonderful analogy for what happens in our life and our business. There is a reason for every season and purpose in the expanding and contracting cycles of the year.

Spring is the time of renewal. The time to plant new seeds, nurture connections and plan the next growth phase of your business. If you’re starting a new business, refreshing an existing brand or launching a new product, you need to plant the right seed to suit the environment.

Like nature’s seeds, the true nature of your brand lies in its very DNA. Your business brand has a unique combination of qualities that will prosper in the right conditions. In nature, a seed has the potential to grow into a desert cactus, a daisy, Arctic moss or an oak tree. All seeds are very different and they are what they are. They are not trying to be something else.

I’ve seen so many people try to manipulate their business brand into something that wasn’t authentic. Your business brand DNA is predetermined. It lies between who you are as a business owner and the specific type of clients you are meant to serve. If you try to ‘genetic engineer’ your brand, you’ll be creating something that may feed the masses but might not feed your soul or your ideal clients. It just isn’t natural.

In fact, there is a science to creating a truly authentic brand. But so often entrepreneurs are in such a rush to get a business card or a website, that they overlook the most important aspect of their business. Brand Strategy. Your brand DNA is critical to the growth of your business. The DNA of your brand is not just a logo or a website. Your brand is alive. It’s a living, breathing entity with an identity.

Let’s go back to the seed. At the core of that seed is your own deep truth – it’s the essence that you infuse into your business. That seed already contains all of the wisdom that makes you what you are meant to be as a business owner. The outer coating of the seed protects that inner core until it’s ready to germinate.

But germination can’t take place without the proper external environment. In order for your brand seed to germinate and grow, you need the right conditions. You need the right support, energy and influence at different phases of building your brand and growing your business.

Think of that external environment as the marketplace. If you throw your seed into the middle of a busy market, it will be crushed. But if you position your seed just right, using the external environment to your advantage, then your business brand will take root and grow.

What’s the right environment for your brand seed? The right market environment will influence what products you sell, the prices you charge, the people you attract and how you survive. So choose wisely. Exposed to the wrong elements, the seed of your business brand could wither or even die. Choose the right environment for your brand ‘seed’ and own a valuable space in the market, naturally.

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