Increase Your Value Proposition

Peeling away the layers of need.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI just came back from a walk with my dog, Dexter. The autumn leaves inspired me. They change colours, fall to the ground and get swept by the wind into beautiful piles of orchestrated chaos. Leaving behind the bare-naked tree. Exposed.

It reminded me of the importance of communicating the layers of value that we offer in our business. As you peel away each layer, there stands the bare-naked truth of your deeper value.

Have you ever listened to passionate entrepreneurs talk about their business? Their enthusiasm is contagious. They stories are incredible. Inspiring. Sometimes even heroic.

These stories serve to create connections. They serve to build the ‘know-like-and-trust’ factor in relationships. Check out these 30 ways you can do to build that. This is part of our tribal value proposition. The more we bond through common or inspiring experiences, the deeper that tribal connection gets. It’s the ‘you-and-I-are-not-that-different’ bond. It increases our value through recognition, respect and aligned social values.

This is similar to the leaves on a tree. Our stories show what type of person we are – a critical part of building our relationships. But when the leaves fall away, you get pass the stories and get to the truth.

WIIFM. What’s In It For Me? What every client wants and needs to know.

What is the real value that lies underneath? Beyond the need to fit in on a social or tribal level, your clients have needs on physical, mental and emotional levels. Each of these levels goes deeper into the structure of the tree.

The roots are the stabilizing or physical level where financial security and basic needs are met. These needs are met through your products, packages and pricing. These are the things that ground your business and offer a tangible value exchange for money.

The trunk of the tree is like the mental or functional level of your business offerings. The trunk allows the tree to reach it’s highest potential. Your functional brand value meets your clients’ needs so they can reach their highest potential. By providing transformations, outcomes or benefits like saving time, saving money, making money, making things easier or, increasing some other aspect of their life or work. Jill Konrath has a great free ebook that talks more about this. Your functional value proposition must result in some movement toward your client’s vision or goal.

The emotional value that you offer is like the limbs of the tree. They feel and respond to the environment. Emotional needs can be complex. Your clients are constantly in movement between feelings based in fear and lack or love and joy. Human emotion is the most powerful influence in their buying decision. People buy on emotion, justified by logic. Knowing how to create an emotionally-safe environment for your clients is one of your most powerful value propositions.

It’s a combination of all of these value propositions that builds a high demand for your brand. The brand experience you create from the beginning to the end of every transaction you have demonstrates your commitment to meeting the needs of your clients. As David Kincaid of LEVEL5 Strategy Group confirms in his recent article in Profit Magazine. Understanding their needs is the first step in building a stronger value proposition that will make you stand out from your competition.

What are your clients’ real needs; their deep-rooted survival need, their essential logistical need and their need for emotional validation? What does your clients need the most? Share your brand value based on their needs below.

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