Happy International Day of Happiness

happiness2Are you and your customers choosing to be happy?

Have you ever met someone that just seems to be happy all the time? Do they make you crazy? Or is it infectious? Is it even possible to be happy ALL the time?

Can you be happy every day? Why is that so difficult for some of us? This fleeting state of emotional well-being eludes many of us. Happiness can be a mystery.

On this internationally recognized day of happiness, let’s look at what makes us happy. How can we promote more happiness in our lives and in our business?

Many people associate happiness with the attainment of something. It could be a new car, a new relationship or chance to achieve something. How often have you said, “I’ll be happy when I get  _________ .” Like happiness is a goal that is somewhere in the future. Like we are holding out for some supreme ultimate heighten experience.

Is real happiness that difficult to achieve? Is happiness really derived from external sources? Or is happiness a choice we make every moment of every day

What is Happiness and How to Cultivate It? When I refer to happiness I don’t mean an overjoyed, exuberant explosion of happiness. I’m referring to that quiet contentment that picks up the corners of your mouth and makes you feel good inside.

In any given situation we choose to be happy or not. Now granted, it may be more difficult to make that choice when faced with adversity. But happiness is a state of being. It’s strongly aligned with a sense of gratitude and satisfaction.

Make yourself happy

On occasion I have those feelings of sadness, dissatisfaction or negativity – not feeling happy. I recognize that it’s a choice. So when I’m awareness enough of that negative state of being, I will take positive action to change it. It’s actually quite simple to fix, it just takes a thought and an action.

Try this… Go for a walk. As you walk – smile, even if it’s a fake one for now. Your brain doesn’t know the difference. Keep walking, smiling and take notice of all the beautiful things around you. To a mental checklist of all the things you are grateful for. Being able to walk is a big one if you don’t know where to start. Allow a sense of satisfied to creep into your body.

No matter where you are in your life at this moment. It’s exactly where you need to be. Knowing you can choose to maintain the status quo or change your mind set and change your situation.

Continue this walking practice until you feel in your heart that your state of being is shifting to a more positive place. If you feel yourself falling back into negative thoughts or feelings. Put that smile back on your face and keep building that list.

It all starts from the inside. Here’s an article that might help you Make Happiness Last.

Now it’s time to make your customers happy?

Remember we are all similar in what we want in life. Our needs are relatively common. So consider this… your customers’ state of happiness is aligned with their sense of satisfaction. When they are truly satisfied with your products or service, they will more likely be happy and keep coming back.

When their needs are met, the more grateful they will be. So if you want happy clients, focus on meeting their needs. Do a regular check-in to get feedback and make adjustments to your products or services if necessary. Here’s some samples of customer satisfaction surveys to give you some ideas about what questions to ask.

Some people just choose to be unhappy, dissatisfied and lacking in gratitude. Consider this, you will gain a more happy, loyal customer if you take immediate action to meet their needs and increase their sense of satisfaction and gratitude.

I would love to hear what makes you happy. Please post your comment below or post on my Facebook page.

Happy Day!