Evergreen Marketing

Holiday Inspiration for Your Business Year Round

SONY DSCCheers to the holidays! ‘Tis the season of the Christmas tree. It’s all about the evergreen – those beautiful conical wonders of nature. We bring them in from the cold to adorn their branches and offer an abundance of gifts at their feet. Then gather around their majestic presence to celebrate with family and friends.

Evergreens. Seasonally resilient conifers flourish all year long, enduring the elements of nature. Conifer is a word derived from ‘conus’ and ‘ferre’; one that bears cone. Funny, that they grow cones and some are even cone-shaped. There’s more to it than you may think.

Over the next couple of GET REAL blogs, I’ll draw some interesting comparisons to celebrate our Christmas tress before they get put away for another season.

So what marketing cues can we learn from nature’s hardy evergreens? Evergreen trees have many of the same characteristics as products or programs we develop for our business brands. You can increase your resilience to annual changes in the market by creating more evergreen programs.

There are several different interpretations of the term ‘evergreen’ in the marketing industry. From a media buying perspective, Margaret Rouse suggests it refers to a frequently updated website this definition.

I consider an evergreen program or campaign to be a timeless marketing effort that invites ongoing revenue into your business. It could also be a product or service that can be used or accessed at any time of year.

An evergreen offering may be available year-over-year, with seasonal marketing pushes to keep it top-of-mind and incent purchase. As opposed to seasonal products or programs that only come out at a specific time of year. Like this blog! Hey, I can post it again next year!

Whatever you sell that can bring ongoing revenue into your business can be evergreen. There’s just a few things that you must consider. When you create an evergreen product, program or campaign, it’s imperative that it appears timeless in every way.

From words to images, anything evergreen must be relevant anytime of the year or year-over-year. So stay away from names, copy or visuals that denote a specific season or time of year. Make sure there is NO reference to specific event dates, weather or news item that might limit the timeliness of the evergreen program or campaign. For example, it’s easy to let an innocent weather-related comment slip out when recording a lesson.

Evergreen marketing is fundamentally the use of consistent messaging for a product or campaign that builds a recognition and reputation for your company. For you business to survive the long cold days of winter or dramatic seasonal changes, it’s important to offer consistency and have products that can be purchased any time of the year.

In her article on Evergreen Marketing, Tara Jacobsen suggest that your overall brand identity is a type of evergreen. Personally, I would call that brand integrity not evergreen. Though she does bring up an interesting point about the consistent us of ‘evergreen’ keywords in your online tagging to gain a foothold in your niche market. That may be pushing the definition of ‘evergreen’ marketing but it’s a good practice to consider if you want to ‘own’ a piece of the market.

I would love to hear your thoughts on evergreen marketing. What evergreen strategies do you use in your business?

Keep an eye out for my next blog. We’ll look at the shape of that Christmas tree and see how it can make you more money in your business.