A tasty brew for your brand


Self-promotion is a HUGE part of your brand marketing. When you create something that is truly unique and speaks to your ideal client it’s like a warm cup of coffee on a cold winter’s morning.

Taylor Gray, a Toronto/New York photography recently delivered a self-promotion that did just that. With the help of Red Lion design team, his ‘Daily Grind’ coffee bags were customized for his highly individualize audience. He created three blends of coffee each speaking to the Creative Director, Art Director or Copywriters that make up his target audience.

The compassionate copy recognizes the daily struggles faced by those who work on the creative side of advertising. The self-promotion package was skillfully crafted to help Tyler’s clients and prospects take a moment to be rewarded for their part in savoury brand building.

Kudos to the creatives and the creativity of this fine self-promotional brew.


Now that you’re all inspired! How can you deliver a branded marketing experience that truly speaks to your ideal client’s language. What is it that they do every day or maybe just before they need your specific product or services? Those are the moments of magic that invite meaningful connections.

Everyone wants to be recognized in some way. When you understand your client’s deepest needs and motivations, you can speak their language and touch their hearts. Your self-promotion doesn’t have to be BIG. But make it mean something to be memorable.

Share your ideas for brilliant brand self-promotions in the comments below. It could be featured in an upcoming blog.