Branding a Bar in Lisbon

You’re gonna love this! (WARNING: Some content may be offensive) You’ve heard the Murray Head lyrics “One night in Bangkok is like a year in any other place.” Well my first night in Lisbon was a little like one of those kinds of nights. After settling into my lovely suite in the IKEA-modern student dorms […]

Bye, Bye Burger King

I just finished a series of Throwback Thursday social media posts on Twitter and Facebook, where I shared images of several brand icons from the past – familiar old friends like the Koolaid Kid, the Green Giant’s friend, Little Sprout and the dethroned Burger King. I discovered the characters on display at the San Francisco airport, while on route to […]

Thanks for Everything!

Thank you! I’m so full of gratitude. Words cannot express. But I’ll try otherwise this blog would be very short. Every few years, the calendars align and I get to celebrate my birthday on one of the most important days of the year. Thanksgiving. It’s a weekend full of family, friends and filling fests. I’m […]

Reach out and touch them

Every step that you make, every breath that you take has the potential to touch a client. There are so many ways to bring your brand to life in everything that you do in your business. Some marketers call them customer touch points, I like to call them brand experiences. Through any interaction with you […]