Bye, Bye Burger King

I just finished a series of Throwback Thursday social media posts on Twitter and Facebook, where I shared images of several brand icons from the past – familiar old friends like the Koolaid Kid, the Green Giant’s friend, Little Sprout and the dethroned Burger King. I discovered the characters on display at the San Francisco airport, while on route to […]

Know Your Audience – Dog Gone It!

Everyone loves dogs! Or do they? Dedicated to Dexter We shared our home and family for over 16 years. You brought love, joy and discipline to our lives. While reminding us to be loyal, forgive quickly and enjoy every moment that we are alive. Bless you, Dexter. You are missed. On my recent trip to […]

5 Valuable Brand Tips from Mother Nature

In celebration of International Mother Earth Day, here are some down-to-earth tips to make your brand more valuable to your ideal client. I use natural elements to show you how increasing your value proposition. It’s intrinsically linked to growing your business, naturally. Value Proposition #1: Earth – Physical/Financial Money is the physical or earth element […]

Increase Your Value Proposition

Peeling away the layers of need. I just came back from a walk with my dog, Dexter. The autumn leaves inspired me. They change colours, fall to the ground and get swept by the wind into beautiful piles of orchestrated chaos. Leaving behind the bare-naked tree. Exposed. It reminded me of the importance of communicating […]

What’s your line?

In the 1950’s game show, What’s My Line?, individuals would appear before a panel of celebrities who’s job it was to guess what they did for a living. Here’s an interesting clip of the show with Salvador Dali as the guest. It’s a perfect example of just how hard it can be to guess what […]

Focus on building your nest egg

Over the past couple of weeks I watched a robin fly into the rafters under my back balcony. This is the third year in a row the robins have come back to build their home. But this year was different. Each time he flew in with a full load of materials, he deposited it in […]

Plant the Right Brand Seed

It’s fascinating how the seasons are a wonderful analogy for what happens in our life and our business. There is a reason for every season and purpose in the expanding and contracting cycles of the year. Spring is the time of renewal. The time to plant new seeds, nurture connections and plan the next growth […]

Your business brand starts with YOU!

The process of finding the true nature of your brand, starts with YOU! After all, without you as a business leader there would be no brand. You also can’t attempt to sell a brand that isn’t aligned with your own strengths, skills, values and beliefs. Too often we try to please others or try to […]