Your business brand starts with YOU!

The process of finding the true nature of your brand, starts with YOU! After all, without you as a business leader there would be no brand. You also can’t attempt to sell a brand that isn’t aligned with your own strengths, skills, values and beliefs. Too often we try to please others or try to be something we are not in order to fit into what we think out clients will accept or want. Compromising our values or excluding our unique gifts and talents can, not only serious affects the success of your business, but drains your energy and motivation.

When forging out into business, it’s important to embrace everything you have done in the past. We are influenced by so many judgments, internal and external, discounting some gifts or talents that may well our ‘calling’. Sometimes, we are so disillusioned by past experiences that we desire a radical change. This oversight may result in us ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’. Or we may disregard a strength or aspect of ourselves that is critical to our brand success. Sometimes, all we need is a slight shift in the way we think about what we have done. Or maybe just change the way we are ‘being’ while we do it. Attitude shifts around our strengths can put your business brand in a whole new light.

Know thyself and you shall know the universe and the Gods… and your brand.

As the Temple of Delphi in Greece proclaims in the quote above, to know yourself is to know your connection to others and your divine creative inspiration. Developing a real understanding of your true nature requires a deep self-discovery. I’m a strong believer in focusing on your strengths, your past achievements and your unique gifts and talents for formulate your future brand.

When you really look closely at your experience, skills, knowledge and innate abilities, these qualities guide your business brand. Looking for clues in your past is the first part of the exercise. Life has gifted you with experiences and knowledge that cannot be dismissed. Sometimes, denying these particular gifts or lessons can leave a hole in your business or your brand.

I’m sure there is lots of great learning in your life and your career to pull from. You can get started with something simple. Pull out your resume. Make a list of all of your achievements, strengths, talents and the moments when you were truly energized with what you were doing. These pieces alone will provide incredible insights that will shape your brand identity.

Note: If you are already in business and thinking this is a waste of time, do it anyway! Sometimes, we miss the most obvious things or discount something that truly gives us joy. There are ways to inspire your brand with hidden creative talents, like music or art. Many of my clients find a beautiful synergy when they bring other aspects of themselves into their brand even in the subtlest way.

When creating the GET REAL brand, I incorporated my affinity to nature in many aspects of my brand. Obvious things like my colour selection and imagery, but even more subtle but foundational things like my program structure and offerings. There are so many ways to breathe life into your brand that are unique to you and truly own-able to your business.

There are literally hundreds of tools and assessments available to determine your strengths, skills and preferences. There are assessments for leadership, career guidance, role competencies, creative thinking styles, I’m a big advocate of becoming incredibly self aware if you are going to run your own business. You absolutely need to know what you are working with. Trust me, your short-comings will become evident as you start or grow your business. Lean on those strengths to get you through.

Maybe you’re an expert in a particular area or serving a specific need or providing a service that you know people want. Whatever it is that has inspired you, make sure that your business vision fits into the vision of your ideal lifestyle. It may seem obvious but physical and geographical limitations or other life commitments need to be worked into your overall business plan and may indeed become part of your brand.

I include many assessment tools in the GET REAL Branding Boot Camp to help people become more self-aware. When I work one-on-one with my clients, I pull out specific discovery tools that I think they would benefit from. I developed one particular tool that I find reveals many interesting nuances that can inform my client’s brands. It’s called the Innate Intelligence Indicator™. If you want to know more about it just send me an email or leave a comment below.

I like to think that we all are gifted and intelligent in our own way. I celebrate your strengths and encourage you to infuse your business brand with those gifts.