Reach out and touch them

Every step that you make, every breath that you take has the potential to touch a client. There are so many ways to bring your brand to life in everything that you do in your business.

Some marketers call them customer touch points, I like to call them brand experiences. Through any interaction with you or your business, your clients, prospects, referrals or influences are experiencing your brand. So why not make it a branded experience. Simple things like your email signature can be a place to express the true nature of your brand.

It’s very frustrating when you want to give someone a call and they don’t have their phone number or any other way to contact them in their email signature. No phone number, no website, no business. People! It’s a tiny piece of real estate but considering the frequency and exposure it gets, that little space can leave a huge impression and lead to more opportunities.

I was excited to discover a very cool branded experience and want to share it to enhance your brand email signature. Thank you to Donna Messer, the Networking Queen, who introduced me to the ANT. That’s right, the ANT, an Audible Name Tags that you can add to your email signature. Check out mine below.

It’s an amazing new technology that allows you to record a short voice message and invite people to listen to it. You can use it to introduce yourself. It’s great for people with hard to pronounce names. Or take it one step further and add a call-to-action to direct people to your latest promotion. That’s what I did when I launch the GET REAL Branding Boot Camp.

my email signature   Check out my ANTvibes message.

If you are interested in checking out ANTvibes for a FREE 60 trial, go to and enter the promo code ‘getreal’. There’s no obligation to purchase the subscription. (If you decide to stick with it, I get a little something from the ANT.)

When you set up your ANTvibe message send me an email. I would love to hear it!

There are so many more of these opportunities that can become brand experiences, just look around. Leave your ideas in the comments box below.