Bye, Bye Burger King

Burger KingI just finished a series of Throwback Thursday social media posts on Twitter and Facebook, where I shared images of several brand icons from the past – familiar old friends like the Koolaid Kid, the Green Giant’s friend, Little Sprout and the dethroned Burger King. I discovered the characters on display at the San Francisco airport, while on route to a client assignment at the MobileBeat conference last summer.
Some of these famous advertising icons have stood the test of time. Others have faded away and been replaced with more relevant messages or relatable personas. It got me thinking about how the business of brands goes through natural cycles – sometimes expanding out into the world and sometimes contracting or fading into the past. Just like the moon influences the tides … historical and future trends influence growth and resurgence of brands.

The past year was a major growth and expansion year in my business. I travelled around the world, speaking and working in some of the most unexpected places. My business developed in so many ways. You could say the tide had come in (or was that a ship?) As expansive as the past 18 months have been, more recently, I’m feeling myself pulling back to access what’s next.

I’ve felt a need to retreat, regroup and reconnect to a bigger ‘Why?”. To ensure I spend my energy creating an even more meaningful legacy in my business moving forward. Perfect timing! I had the good fortune to be invited to a 3-day Master Planning session with my friend Enette Pauzé. It gave me the space to consider an even larger possibility for my business brand.

The resulting insights were both shocking and completely congruent with my mission. The outcome, which I will reveal in forthcoming posts, is still in a dream state. But this epiphany has awakened a whole new level of opportunity in my business. It has reenergized my commitment to the planet and to the heart of humanity, reconnecting me to what matters most.

As I start to bring this dream into reality, it begs the question… will it require a revitalized brand? Is it time to let go of the old and bring in with a new? Is a minor adjustment required or no adjustment at all?

If you are currently asking yourself this questions, then here are some of the reasons why you may want to revitalize or change your business brand:

  • You have new business leadership or thought leadership.
  • You have a new business offering or new way of articulating your value.
  • There is a change or evolution of your target audience.
  • Your brand doesn’t resonate with your current target audience. (If you want to know just ask them.)
  • There are changes in the industry or competitive environment.
  • Your brand is simply old, tired or no longer resonates or has relevance.

We are constantly evolving as humans, as businesses, as brands. As evolutionary leaders, we must give ourselves permission to step back, to look at a deeper truth and envision a new future – one that serves our profits, our people and our planet. What does that mean to you and how are you building a brand that demonstrates your evolutionary leadership?

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to an old icon or let go of a way of thinking that no longer serves your business or your clients. Do yourself a favour, take the time to retreat and connect to the evolution of your brand. You may find it more aligned and fulfilling for you and your customers.

What brand icons do you miss or are glad that are gone?