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BlogGrass3 easy ways to take the ‘Blah’ out of blogging

I admit it. I hate writing my blog. Okay, I said it. Well maybe ‘hate’ is a strong word. But I look at it this way. If I loved it, I would do it more often.

I feel resistant. Not because I don’t want to keep in touch. I really love my peeps and want to share all the valuable content I have. But it’s one of those maintenance things that never seems to be off the ‘to do’ list. So forgive me for my irregular content. I’m working on getting better. Really.

It’s hard to make it look easy.

But first, I’ve got to ask, who ever decided to call it a ‘blog’ anyway? Blog is a shortened version of a web log. The name itself sounds unappealing. Why not a webairy or a internote. Something that sounds more inviting or romantic. That might motivate me! How about you?

But at the end of the day, it’s just about sitting down to write. I wish I were one of those lucky people that find it easy to blog. For those of us that don’t, I’ve got a few ideas. You may want to start here. Tips for writing blog headlines from Michelle Shaeffer. This was actually really helpful. Michelle has lots of great tips to share.

You’re an expert. Are you a writer?

As an expert in your specific area or body of knowledge, you have massive amounts of knowledge and experience to share. You are, what they call, a subject matter expert. You’re dripping with know-how, tips, tools and techniques to make someone’s life easier. So why is it so difficult to articulate that insight in a few hundred words every week or two.

The best place to start is with a plan. Like everything else in life and business, you have to have a plan. Planning out your blogging strategy is time well spent – dedicate the time to figure out what you are going to say. Okay, I admit this is a little do-as-I-say,-not-as-I-do advise. Full disclosure. My brand is all about being real, being authentic and honest – maybe to a fault. But who’s perfect anyway.

Here are a few tips to make your blogging easier.

  • Put a recurring appointment in your calendar every week to write. We are all time starved, if you don’t book the time, something else will eat up your time. Once you have it scheduled, when the time come force your self to do it.
  • If you aren’t one of those free-wheeling bloggers, then planning your topics ahead of time. Sit down with your calendar to plan your blog strategy based on your year-long marketing plan. “Marketing plan?”, you ask? Yes, if you are in business, you need one of those. Look at your entire year and determine what products you are selling and when you plan to launch and promote. Write blogs to support those launches and promotional periods.

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  • Consider seasonal and holiday themes for your blog topics. There are tons of naturally occurring events that happen throughout the year that you can use as inspiration. Think seasons, moon cycles, international days of awareness and recognition, There’s even a funny holidays calendar!
  • The other thing to consider when you are planning your blogs is your brand strategy. If you attend the FREE online Strategic Experts Series I mentioned above, I’ll be sharing some valuable insights on how you can create a powerful brand strategy to create a more meaningful message in all your marketing.
  • Determine 3-5 pillars in your business. For example, GET REAL Branding is all about Get Clear. Get Creative. Get Clients. These three pillars help me organize all of my content and create a structure to work with when thinking about my blog topics. I even categorize my blog posts in these three areas on my website!

Now, rather than waiting for the spirit to move me or for my calendar to free up to sit down and write – all I need to find 16-18 topics under each of those three categories.

Done is Better than Perfect

Just get ‘er done and get it out there. It can always be better but honestly. It’s more important that you communicate than procrastinate. And yes, I’m working on it.

Please share your thoughts about writing blogs in the comments below. What are the tricks that you use to get ‘er done? I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Thanks for the link and mention. Glad you found the headline ideas helpful. 🙂

    Great tips. I’ve found planning ahead and creating consistent time in my calendar are key to being able to keep up with my own blog. And less common holidays are one of my favorite sources of inspiration.