Branding and the Environment

How the environment can grow your brand? Happy World Environment Day!! Back in 1972, the United Nations dedicated June 5th to the environment. Bringing global citizens together to create a better world for our children. Since then, there has been thousands of worthy initiatives around the world; beach clean-ups, tree planting, sustainable energy, education and […]

5 Valuable Brand Tips from Mother Nature

In celebration of International Mother Earth Day, here are some down-to-earth tips to make your brand more valuable to your ideal client. I use natural elements to show you how increasing your value proposition. It’s intrinsically linked to growing your business, naturally. Value Proposition #1: Earth – Physical/Financial Money is the physical or earth element […]

GROW Your Business Brand with More REAL Value!

Better Branding Really Does Mean Bigger Profits I was thrilled to hear about the recent research done by Jim Stengel in his latest book, GROW: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s Greatest Companies. (Click on the book cover to buy your own copy.) His findings align so perfectly with what we are […]

Happy International Day of Happiness

Are you and your customers choosing to be happy? Have you ever met someone that just seems to be happy all the time? Do they make you crazy? Or is it infectious? Is it even possible to be happy ALL the time? Can you be happy every day? Why is that so difficult for some […]

Revenue models for faster sales conversation

Make a Mountain of Money doesn’t have to be huge climb. I’m so inspired by Olympic downhill skiers. As a cautious skier myself, the speed at which they descend a mountain is mind-boggling. I just love the mountains. They are one of nature’s most magical, majestic and motivating designs. I recall when I climbed Mount […]

Happy Holidays

Check out my musical Holiday message…

Evergreen Marketing

Holiday Inspiration for Your Business Year Round Cheers to the holidays! ‘Tis the season of the Christmas tree. It’s all about the evergreen – those beautiful conical wonders of nature. We bring them in from the cold to adorn their branches and offer an abundance of gifts at their feet. Then gather around their majestic […]

Increase Your Value Proposition

Peeling away the layers of need. I just came back from a walk with my dog, Dexter. The autumn leaves inspired me. They change colours, fall to the ground and get swept by the wind into beautiful piles of orchestrated chaos. Leaving behind the bare-naked tree. Exposed. It reminded me of the importance of communicating […]

Thanks for Everything!

Thank you! I’m so full of gratitude. Words cannot express. But I’ll try otherwise this blog would be very short. Every few years, the calendars align and I get to celebrate my birthday on one of the most important days of the year. Thanksgiving. It’s a weekend full of family, friends and filling fests. I’m […]

Blogging Made Easier

3 easy ways to take the ‘Blah’ out of blogging I admit it. I hate writing my blog. Okay, I said it. Well maybe ‘hate’ is a strong word. But I look at it this way. If I loved it, I would do it more often. I feel resistant. Not because I don’t want to […]