Find Your Happy Place

I’ve been working remotely around the world for almost a year. Travelling through fifteen different countries and over twice as many cities. That means I’ve slept in countless different beds. Slept on every type of pillow you can imagine and some that you wouldn’t want to. I’ve lived out of a suitcase containing clothes for […]

Portugal’s Brand Icon

Cans vs. Cocks If there’s a country that’s in need of a new brand icon, it’s Portugal. You may be familiar with the Rooster of Barcelos. That colourful cock that folklore said came back to life to prove a man’s innocence. It’s a 17th century relic. It’s time to move on Portugal. Lay that rooster to rest and […]

Branding a Bar in Lisbon

You’re gonna love this! (WARNING: Some content may be offensive) You’ve heard the Murray Head lyrics “One night in Bangkok is like a year in any other place.” Well my first night in Lisbon was a little like one of those kinds of nights. After settling into my lovely suite in the IKEA-modern student dorms […]

GET REAL Branding – Lisbon Office

Here’s a quick peek at my home office in Lisbon. We have a community workspace at Beta-I that is about a 10 minute walk from our apartments. I like the quiet of working from home in the morning until about 2pm when the sun starts to flood the room and it gets way too hot! […]

Sign Up for Brand Abroad Updates

Thanks for coming along for this year-long Brand Abroad journey. My Remote Year will take you through 12 cities over the next 12 months. I’ll do my best to keep you up to date with the experience of working while travelling abroad. I’ll let you know with occasional emails when I’ve posted new content. I’m looking […]

50 Ways to Prepare for a Remote Year

I’ve been working remotely for years, if you consider my home office remote.  Though I do get to travel quite a bit, the majority of time I spend working is isolated from the rest of the world. Next to family and friends, travel is THE most important to me. So when I learned about Remote […]

Bye, Bye Burger King

I just finished a series of Throwback Thursday social media posts on Twitter and Facebook, where I shared images of several brand icons from the past – familiar old friends like the Koolaid Kid, the Green Giant’s friend, Little Sprout and the dethroned Burger King. I discovered the characters on display at the San Francisco airport, while on route to […]

Brands That You Love

Are you in a long-term relationship? I love everything Apple – my iphone, my MacBook Pro, my ipad! I love my Mazda … Zoom Zoom. I love Air Canada and their Aeroplan loyalty program. I’m a loyal fan of my local nail place, even though there are dozens of others to choose from. I love […]

Know Your Audience – Dog Gone It!

Everyone loves dogs! Or do they? Dedicated to Dexter We shared our home and family for over 16 years. You brought love, joy and discipline to our lives. While reminding us to be loyal, forgive quickly and enjoy every moment that we are alive. Bless you, Dexter. You are missed. On my recent trip to […]

5 Things I love about October

… and how they inspire brand excellence. 1. Canadian Thanksgiving I hope my Canadian cousins had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to get together with my family and friends to share in tradition. Even though I always eat too much! I want to take this time to thank YOU for […]