Your business brand starts with YOU!

The process of finding the true nature of your brand, starts with YOU! After all, without you as a business leader there would be no brand. You also can’t attempt to sell a brand that isn’t aligned with your own strengths, skills, values and beliefs. Too often we try to please others or try to […]

A tasty brew for your brand

Self-promotion is a HUGE part of your brand marketing. When you create something that is truly unique and speaks to your ideal client it’s like a warm cup of coffee on a cold winter’s morning. Taylor Gray, a Toronto/New York photography recently delivered a self-promotion that did just that. With the help of Red Lion […]

Reach out and touch them

Every step that you make, every breath that you take has the potential to touch a client. There are so many ways to bring your brand to life in everything that you do in your business. Some marketers call them customer touch points, I like to call them brand experiences. Through any interaction with you […]