Get great content and earn extra cash!

  • Earn 40% of every sale generated by you. That’s almost $160/person!!
  • Promotional materials, including: pre-writen emails, social media content and more!
  • Valuable content that you can share with your tribe.
  • Extra incentives to keep you going throughout the program.
  • BONUS: Opportunity for a LIVE half-day intensive event exclusively for your group!! (Limited dates available)

What are we offering?

It’s called GET REAL Branding Boot Camp! It’s 5-week live tele-seminar series launches at the end of January.

It’s a step-by-step training that guides entrepreneurs and small business owners through a rigorous branding process, so they can make better decisions about the future of their business. It comes complete with live instruction, workbooks, recordings, special guests and some great bonuses to help business leaders GET clear about their brand identity and their REAL value propositions. So they can stop wasting their valuable time and money and start becoming the only solution for their ideal client.

Your people will get extremely valuable content and you’ll get paid each time someone signs up through your affiliate link.

Why me?

As you know, I’ve spent my career building big brands like Coca-Cola, Kraft, Dove, Nestlé, Barbie, Fisher Price and more. Now I’ve combined my branding and marketing skills with my expertise as an entrepreneur, to help other business owners succeed using the authentic expression of their business and their brand.

I’ve coached my clients through this process in one-on-one. For the first time I’m made it available for everyone AND your people are the ideal market for this.

How do you get involved?

It’s easy to become an affiliate and start getting paid for helping your community build a better business brands.

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  • Fill in the form on this page. You will be automatically registered and given a unique affiliate link.
  • Share the promotional materials using your email and social media channels. Add your own message or edit the material to suit your audience.
  • Use your unique affiliate link in all communications – my system will track all leads that came through that link to your account. Easy for everyone!
  • Let me know ASAP if you would like to book a one-day GET REAL Branding Intensive event for your group.
  • When the sales are made and the refund date has past, you will be notified of your commissions and paid through your PayPal account.


What’s Next?

I’ll be hosting a FREE live call “Get Clear With Your Brand and be the ONLY Solution for Your Ideal Client.” on Wednesday, January 9th 2013. Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to get as many people on that call as humanly possible. All you have to do is promote this call and I’ll do the rest.

During this FREE call, I’ll be providing valuable information about why branding is important to every business. I’ll also be promoting the new “GET REAL Branding Boot Camp” tele-seminar series. If your leads register and pay for the 5-week Boot Camp, you’ll make 40% commission.

The GET REAL Branding Boot Camp sells for $497, so that’s close to $200 for you each time someone joins. This could really add up!! If you get 5 people register for the program, that’s close to $1000! Just for sending a few emails and promoting the FREE call.

Sign up as an affiliate and start promoting the FREE call right away!

Please let me know if you have any questions AND if you want to arrange a one-day GET REAL Branding Intensive for your group.

Looking forward to working with you.