5 Valuable Brand Tips from Mother Nature

Earth301243123568_SMIn celebration of International Mother Earth Day, here are some down-to-earth tips to make your brand more valuable to your ideal client. I use natural elements to show you how increasing your value proposition. It’s intrinsically linked to growing your business, naturally.

Value Proposition #1: Earth – Physical/Financial

Money is the physical or earth element of your business. Money grounds your business and brings your higher purpose into reality. That might be obvious but many people have limiting beliefs about money that keep them from make enough to sustain their business. Your clients have needs. Meeting those needs has value. Financial value. Products or services in your business model must meet the needs of your client. Make sure you create a sampler so they can get a taste of what it’s like doing business with you.

Value Proposition #2: Air – Mental/Logical

The element of air represents thought. It is the value proposition of the mind. We justify our purchase behaviour with logic. At some point along the path-to-purchase we want to know, “What’s the return on my investment? What results can I expect? What’s in it for me?”

When the brain wants to rationalize a buying decision, you’d better be ready to have the answers. People buy to satisfy a handful of logical needs:

  • To save time – Shorten time to a goal or create time for other activities.
  • To save money – Reduce expenses, get more for less.
  • To make money – Increase income in some way.
  • To make things easier – Process improvement or expand knowledge base.
  • To achieve a specific goal – Specific to your ideal client’s rational need.

These are concepts that the mind can measure. How do you articulate the value of what your business or product brand offers in these terms?

Value Proposition #3: Water – Emotion/FeelingWaterfall

We are human and are driven by our emotions. If you are going to meet you client’s needs, make sure you don’t forget their feelings. There is great value in validating their emotions. Recognizing the pain they are experiencing and offering a solution to move them toward a more pleasurable emotional experience. This IS your brand’s emotional value proposition.

Are you suffering from frustration, confusion or uncertainty about your brand? My clients experience more joy, a deeper connection and greater livelihood in their business. Doesn’t that sound more appealing than “Buy my program” or “I’m an accountant or real estate agent”?

We buy on emotion justified by logic. Your brand’s emotional value proposition is the MOST important value to communicate. There are so many ways to do this. Bring them from fear-based emotions to love-based emotions. Learn how to increase your brand’s emotional intelligence. It’s the key to guiding your prospects along the path-to-purchase.

Value Proposition #4: Ether – Tribal/Social

Ether is a natural gaseous substance that has no quality of its own. But it acts like a sponge that absorbs and transmits energy. Our energy. It’s the way we connect. They don’t call it the Ethernet for nothing!

Have you ever noticed that there are people you are automatically drawn toward – almost an unexplainable attraction? It’s like there’s an energy that pulls you together like a magnet. This is the tribal value proposition of your brand. This tribal connection gives your business brand value on a social level. Be mindful of who you align yourself with, this is all part of your brand value.

Your tribe will be drawn to you because of the energy you transmit. Likewise, you will attract the people that align with your way of being in business. Seek out and connect with your tribe. Only serve them. It’s a lot easier to convert someone who has common tribal values than trying to create an energy force that does not exist. In fact, it’s exhausting, frustrating and demoralizing to try and fit into the wrong tribe.

Value Proposition #5: Fire – Spiritual/Meaning

red skyFire is the higher purpose of your business. Think of it like the soul of your brand. Your clients are looking for more meaning in the world. What is your brand’s higher meaning? How do you integrate your purpose or affinities into your business?

This can show up in so many ways. From the pro-bono work you do, to the entire way you run your business – consider Tom’s Shoes. It all depends on what your soul is calling you to do.

If your competitors could match you at the first 4 levels of value proposition, then this fifth level would give your brand the edge. This can make a world of difference in your business. Especially if you want to make a difference in the world.

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